A Puffy Valentine

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Dear Puffy,

I've been thinking about you a lot lately. I've been working out of town so I've had lots of time to think. I think about you when I connect my laptop in a hotel. I don't know what the guy in the next room has on his laptop, but I know that he has difficulty setting his alarm clock (I hear him swearing at 5:00 am when it goes off) so I doubt if he's very technically sophisticated and his laptop is probably full of evil software. But PF protects me so I can connect and not worry about him.

When I pick up my suitcase at the airport I think of you. You see I put an OpenSSH sticker above the RSA lock. When I see it I enjoy the irony because I know that unlike the RSA lock there are no backdoors in OpenSSH to allow the government to spy on me.

When I go to a client site they're always using Putty and I know that Puffy and OpenSSH are lurking in background. The client may not be aware of it, or when they are aware, acknowledge it (hello IBM) but you are *always* there providing security.

When I wanted to see the photos that my wife took of our grandson I connected to my OpenBSD server at home and SCP'd the cutest pictures in the world. All because of you Puffy.

I thought I should give you a little Valentine's Day present to acknowledge all your help. So I went to http://openbsd.org/donations.html and donated $100 for you use any way you want.

Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for giving me that feeling of security.

Tim Boettcher

Happy Valentine OpenBeee eeeS Deeeeee...

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