Segala perkara dapat kutanggung di dalam Dia yang memberi kekuatan kepadaku (Phil 4:13)

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krisna@opensolaris:~/ndis-1.1# pfexec pkg refresh ; pfexec pkg image-update
DOWNLOAD                                    PKGS       FILES     XFER (MB)
Completed                                531/531 25736/25736 1375.09/1375.09

PHASE                                        ACTIONS
Removal Phase                              7007/7007
Update Phase                             20417/20417
Install Phase                            12176/12176
A clone of opensolaris exists and has been updated and activated. On next boot the Boot Environment opensolaris-1 will be mounted on '/'. Reboot when ready to switch to this updated BE.

krisna@opensolaris:~/ndis-1.1# beadm list
BE                                       Active Active on Mountpoint     Space
Name                                            reboot                   Used
----                                     ------ --------- ----------     -----
opensolaris_static:-:2008-07-31-06:29:48 no     no        /tmp/tmp_WDjz1 7.23M
opensolaris_static:-:2008-07-29-07:12:03 no     no        -              60.5K
opensolaris                              yes    no        legacy         6.39M
opensolaris_static:-:2008-07-29-07:14:26 no     no        -              60.5K
opensolaris_static:-:2008-07-31-07:00:14 no     no        /tmp/tmpBCpHd4 92.5K
opensolaris_static:-:2008-07-29-06:51:58 no     no        -              60.5K
opensolaris_static:-:2008-07-29-06:35:03 no     no        -              60.5K
opensolaris_static:-:2008-07-31-06:56:32 no     no        /tmp/tmpPM2aTr 91.5K
opensolaris_static:-:2008-07-31-04:16:57 no     no        -              326.5K
opensolaris_static:-:2008-07-31-06:28:15 no     no        -              91.5K
opensolaris_static:-:2008-07-31-04:15:53 no     no        -              326.5K
opensolaris-1                            no     yes       -              5.86G
opensolaris_static:-:2008-07-29-06:58:08 no     no        -              60.5K

krisna@opensolaris:~/ndis-1.1# mount -F zfs rpool/ROOT/opensolaris-1 /mnt

krisna@opensolaris:~/ndis-1.1# /mnt/boot/solaris/bin/update_grub -R /mnt
Creating GRUB menu in /mnt
Installing grub on /dev/rdsk/c5d0s0
stage1 written to partition 3 sector 0 (abs 229376070)
stage2 written to partition 3, 265 sectors starting at 50 (abs 229376120)

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