PPTP Tunnel IPv6 Hurricane Electric

We're happy to announce the public beta of a PPTP tunnel system. Have a dynamic IP for your current tunnel endpoint? Want to use your tunnel from nearly anywhere? Just want a static IPv4 address that follows you around? Covered.

Each tunnel is allocated one publicly routeable static IPv4 address*. While it is not required, existing and future IPv6 tunnels can use this static IPv4 address as their endpoint. It gives you static IPv4 and IPv6 where ever you happen to be. Linux, Windows, Mac... If it does PPTP, you can use it.

In the tunnel details page on tunnelbroker.net you will see a new VPN section where you can change your password, see your username, and select whether or not to use the PPTP tunnel as your endpoint. There are also instructions for setting up your computer on Windows 7 and OS X.

Please send any feature requests and/or bug reports to ipv6@he.net.

Hiya... new from hurricane electric, point-to-point tunnel. Please guys don't use it to abuse other user.

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